New 2017 Season – G2

IMG_1673This year my World Champion shooting horse went into semi-retirement. He was sound and running strong but he turns 20 years oldĀ this year and I felt I owed him the respect to let him rest. He was my once in a life horse, one of the greatest gifts of my life, he will always hold my heart.

How does one fill such big shoes? Well, some things are just meant to be. In comes a little sassy, sorrel mare called G2. After riding a push-style horse so long, controlling a free-runner has definitely taken some adjustment but this little mare has brought me so much joy. It’s definitely been hard slowing down and starting over, but I am so proud of this little mare as we roll into 2017, our first full season together. We’re just taking it easy and gaining experience.

SIT PRETTY AND PLAY (G2) is bred and owned by B. Westbrook (Pictured).